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Spring Lesson Plan

(Download Forms Below)
Manual Alphabets
American Sign Language Definition

Martha's Vineyard Sign Language
Written English to ASL sample

Why wear contrasting colors?
"Clothing to Contrast Skin Tone"
(Click on links above to download forms)
Introduction (April 3)
Alphabets (April 10)

Lesson 1 (April 24)

Lesson 2 (May 1)

Review (May 10)

Lesson 3 (May 15)

Lesson 4 (May 22)

Lesson 6 (June 5)
view Manual Alphabet video
view Fingerspelling video
view Personal Pronoun video
view classroom video
(Review Pronoun; Lesson 1)
view classroom video
(Review Lesson 1; Possessives; Lesson 2)
view Zoom video (Lesson 1 review)
view Zoom video (Lesson 2 review)

view classroom video
(Review Lessons 1 & 2; Lesson 3;  Nouns/Verbs; Adjectives; Classifiers)
view classroom video
(Review Lessons 1,2 & 3; Lesson 4)
view song video, "He Knows My Name"
view classroom video
Basic Sentence Structure:
Negatives; Yes/No Questions

(Deaf and Hearing welcome)

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